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asthma management

Integrated care can benefit pediatric asthmaticsA new study reveals interesting findings about improving the health of pediatric asthma patients and integrated care programs.
Does breastfeeding protect children against asthma?While breastfeeding has been thought to decrease children’s risk of developing allergies and asthma, a new study counters that belief.
Two asthma treatment recommendations for health organizationsAllergist Bradley Chipps, MD, shares research on how to fine-tune asthma management strategies.
Landmark study identifies asthma in infantsA Canadian study reveals how clinicians may be able to identify whether asthma will develop in patients as young as age one.
Asthma drug pipeline: Prevalence, costs to increase
Asthma drug pipeline: Prevalence, costs to increaseAs asthma prevalence continues to rise in the adult and pediatric populations, U.S. healthcare spending on medications, especially branded inhalers, is expected to increase.
Weight gain in childhood could worsen asthma in later yearsA new study finds that children with asthma that became obese by their 20s experienced increased airway obstruction—but without worsening symptoms.
Stepping down asthma meds can control exacerbations, costsA new study shows that qualified patients who decreased their asthma medications under physician supervision fared no worse than those that maintained their medication regimen.
Dexamethasone may offer pediatric asthma alternativeRather than prednisone or prednisolone to treat pediatric asthma exacerbations, a new study suggests dexamethasone may offer fewer side effects in a shorter amount of time.
Good gut bacteria might prevent asthma developmentResearchers in study of gut dysbiosis in infants say new finding could potentially yield a microbe-based asthma preventive treatment.
Study: Bronchial thermoplasty can aid asthma hospitalizationsA new five-year study indicates that bronchial thermoplasty shows promise in keeping patients with asthma exacerbations out of the hospital.