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Managed Care Outlook

Top 4 pharmacy trends healthcare executives should watch
Top 4 pharmacy trends healthcare executives should watchManaged Healthcare Executive conducted its first-ever managed care pharmacy survey during the second quarter of 2016 in partnership with Access Market Intelligence. Here’s a look at some of the key findings, with experts weighing in on the results.
Six reasons insurers will hike exchange premiums in 2017As health plans work to develop and price products for the 2017 open-enrollment cycle—beginning November 1, 2016, it looks like some premiums are set to rise substantially.
Opinion: 3 healthcare trends that won’t change post ObamaThe presidential hopefuls have very different views about the ACA. Expect three healthcare things that will stay the same even after Obama leaves office.
Four predictions for the future of healthcareNow a little more than halfway through 2016, it’s time to look at trends in the industry and how they will shape the relationships among stakeholders for the years to come.
DOJ’s merger complaints: An attorney’s 4 takeawaysBelow are some perspectives on what these complaints mean for the parties’ chances and for consolidation in healthcare more generally.
How new Medicaid managed care rules affect MCOsThis May, CMS published a final rule addressing Medicaid managed care, through which the regulatory requirements for both the Medicaid MCOs and for states managing the plans has become even more complex.
Marilyn Tavenner discusses AHIP’s strategy
Marilyn Tavenner discusses AHIP’s strategyAHIP’s president and CEO Marilyn Tavenner discusses the association’s top priorities, challenges, and opportunities.
Payers, providers eye global growth: What execs should know
Payers, providers eye global growth: What execs should knowHealth insurers and providers are looking for ways to grow outside of the United States. Here’s a look at some of the tactics that are picking up traction.
Presidential election: 4 things managed care should watchAs the 2016 presidential election approaches, analysts and experts are advising healthcare executives to watch and monitor certain issues.
Four takeaways: California’s 13% exchange premium increaseGiven what will occur in California, what should executives be aware of? What does the future hold for exchanges nationwide? Experts weigh in.