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February 2017

CBI’s inaugural Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Conference

Location: Baltimore, MD | Pier 5 Hotel

Date: February 07 - 08, 2017

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Conference

As the nation’s opioid epidemic continues to intensify rapidly, there has never been a more crucial time to join trailblazers from health plans, pharmacies and healthcare companies at CBI’s inaugural Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs. This summit focuses on the crucial elements of managing how drugs are prescribed, dispensed and reimbursed. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve data accessibility by enhancing the interoperability of prescription drug monitoring programs to reduce opioid overutilization.


    •  Move towards a standardized approach to delivering data stored in the PDMPs to EHRs, pharmacy systems and health information exchanges (HIEs)

    •  Review various regulatory and technical initiatives to reduce opioid overutilization

    •  Share information and coordinate care for patients by integrating EHRs with PDMPs

    •  Determine how collaborative partnerships support state PDMP goals and outcomes

    •  Monitor PDMP effectiveness and analyze how data accessibility and enhancement are effective tools for protecting public health and safety

    •  Support accurate clinical prescribing, dispensing and use of controlled substances

    •  Improve formulary decisions and medication therapy treatments by incorporating PDMP data into health plan management

    •  Implement appropriate interventions to balance the need for patient care and potential opioid abuse, misuse and diversion

Website: http://www.cbinet.com/conference/fc17099

Registration: https://www.cbinet.com//conference-registration-form?cid=&conference=fc17099