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Technology and specialty pharmacy: 3 positive resultsAt the AMCP Annual Meeting, three panelists shared real-world examples of technology that is improving patient engagement, adherence, and outcomes
Technology: A key to patient satisfaction?Here is an analysis of trending technologies and how they affect patient satisfaction.
Five myths about mobile messaging in healthcareDon’t let these common misconceptions stop you from this high-impact, low-cost way to engage with patients.
Analytics puts power in the hands of patients, payers, physiciansThere is so much data available at all levels of healthcare, and technology and public support is on the cusp of a breakthrough in using this information for widespread improvements.
How comparative analytics improves price transparencyAs patients look to make more informed decisions about healthcare services, payers can leverage comparative analytics to deliver greater price transparency
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?Concerns among stakeholders may call for EHR system revamping
Legal considerations surrounding ‘big data’State and federal regulations, health information breaches, create a minefield of issues