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Erin Bastick, PharmD, RPh
HIV Pipeline Prospects Getting Healthier
There is no cure for HIV, but with proper medical treatment, the disease can be controlled.
Groundbreaking gene therapies in store for hemophilia
Treatment failures can result in a spectrum of problems for patients with hemophilia. Here’s some guidance on choosing the right therapy.
Autoimmune drug pipeline highlights
Autoimmune drug pipeline highlights
More targeted therapies for autoimmune diseases are on the horizon. Here’s what to anticipate in 2018.
Oncology treatments: Three areas to watch
While targeted cancer therapies make up a big part of the pipeline, there are three areas that oncology experts want you to keep on your radar.
Pediatric drug market poised for growth
More support for clinical trials and a wider lens for rare diseases in children sets the category on fire.
Oral specialty drug options on the horizon
Oral specialty drug options on the horizon
As more specialty drugs are approved, cost control strategies are key.
Brace for a barrage of biosimilars
The next few years will see the healthcare industry bracing itself for new biosimilar products for a range of illnesses from oncology to rheumatoid arthritis.
Popular insulin meets target in real-world study
Novo Nordisk’s DEVOTE study reveals interesting findings.
New universal companion diagnostic paves the way for precision oncology
FDA approves new diagnostic test for non-small cell lung cancer.
New antibiotic approved for acute bacterial skin infections
FDA approved the use of a new fluoroquinolone antibiotic to treat ABSSSI.