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Erica Crompton
Could Instagram be the key to career success?
Usually the reserve of millennials, one surgeon finds that Instagram can help make connections in clinical settings.
Surgeons share their experience of a new approach to gel stent implantation
Created for surgeons, by surgeons – a new method of approaching gel stent implantation provides better outcomes for patients.
Painting a picture of brain-related vision problems
British installation artist, Luke Jerram, and researchers at Bristol Vision Institute, are creating something that will raise awareness about the nature of cerebral visual impairment in an artist’s residency at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.
Performing cataract surgery with phaco in patients with previous implantations
This case study presents the results and advantages of phacoemulsification, which Dr Dieter W Klass and his team applied after previous implantation of an iris-fixated phakic IOL (pIOL) (Artisan, Ophtec) for the correction of high myopia without explantation of the pIOL.
Rayner’s clear vision for the future of cataract surgery
Rayner designs and manufactures IOLs and proprietary injection devices for use in cataract surgery. As the first manufacturer of the IOL, they’ve been working with surgeons for longer than anyone.