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Edmund J. Pezalla, MD, MPH
What is the role of bariatric surgery in treating Type 2 diabetes?
Several recent studies explore how weight loss surgery impacts diabetes patient care.
Put drug development to work for diabetic patients
Although the diabetes pipeline is not large, we continue to have progress in meeting the unmet needs of patients with diabetes.
Undiagnosed diabetes: A high cost for the health system
Consequences range from cardiovascular disease to renal disease
Lessons learned in the global fight against diabetes
Broader exchange of ideas for diabetes health management and related programs may result in more efficient community-based programs with a wider impact.
Improving diabetes outcomes—at a distance
Several studies have demonstrated that telemedicine programs of different types can yield the same or better results than more traditional diabetes interventions.
Reducing type 2 diabetes mortality: empagliflozin study
The results of a large study of the impact of empagliflozin (Jardiance) on cardiovascular outcomes were recently published. Here are some key takeaways.
Do tech improvements lead to better diabetes outcomes?
An important question is whether improvements in technology can make better control accessible to patients who are not currently good candidates for insulin pumps.
Diabetes cost projections raise alarm bells
Diabetes cost projections raise alarm bells
Spending on healthcare can be good, but in the case of diabetes, more spending likely means worsening outcomes.