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Marc O'Connor
Clinical team alignment top priority for payers
Investment in resources that support clinicians and patients closer to the point of care may be the cure for what ails managed care executives.
Value-based care takes over J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2017
Is the drive to value-based care really accelerating? What can be done amidst all of the uncertainty? Expert shares insights from the J.P. Morgan 35th Annual Healthcare Conference.
Three issues to watch at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2017
This year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference will address some of the biggest managed care trends, including next-gen at-risk contracts and access to therapy as cancer trends towards a chronic condition.
What billions in lost pharma revenue means for managed care
Pharmaceutical manufacturer relationships and next-gen value based contracts are primed to accelerate value-derivation from your drug spend.
Three ways to rein in drug costs regardless of who becomes president
It’s time for stakeholders to cooperate in order to limit the wasted spending on prescription medications and chart a path to collectively improving value derivation.
Medication adherence: High tech still needs a personal touch
Where do the capabilities of healthcare technology end and the need for the human hand begin to deliver top value for managed care executives?
How your pharmacy partners impact your Star Ratings
Are you tracking your prospective pharmacy partners to measure their potential impact on your Star Rating? You should be.
Real-world results determine value-based price for specialty drugs
In an era when adherence to specialty pharmaceuticals is disturbingly low, value-based pricing needs real-world results, not single-arm accelerated trials.
Four critical components for successful, value-based pharma contracts
Despite their proliferation, at-risk pharma contracts are still little more than value-based window dressing. Here are four critical components of contracts that can actually move the value meter in the right direction.
Opinion: Top 4 lessons learned from Asembia 2016
Insights from the 2016 edition of the largest gathering in specialty pharmacy.