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Roy Beveridge, MD
Roy Beveridge, MD is chief medical officer at Humana and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of MHE.
Humana shares its population health management secrets
Humana’s goal is to improve the health of the communities it serves 20% by the year 2020. Find out how it is reaching this goal.
One plan’s unique approach to combat diabetes, obesity
This novel approach aims to help those already struggling with obesity and diabetes, but eventually win the fight against this epidemic.
Using predictive modeling to prevent diabetes
Using predictive modeling to prevent diabetes
Humana is using past evidence to reach patients at risk for diabetes.
Accountable care works
In the accountable care model, providers are rewarded for taking steps that produce the best results. Accountable care requires putting the primary care physician at the center, where he or she can focus on the patient’s overall health by coordinating care with other providers.