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Donna Marbury
Population health prioritized as key aspect of medical training
The AMA and medical schools across the country are placing new emphasis on population health management and value-based care.
Four ways to get your data analytics team up to speed
Four ways to get your data analytics team up to speed
Does your analytics team have what it takes? Experts share their top recommendations.
Four ways the genomic data commons will advance cancer care
A new cancer database, the Genomic Data Commons, aims to make research more accessible
Top ways to attract, manage diverse patient populations
Health plans must find new and meaningful ways to connect with patients of diverse backgrounds.
Making sense of big data: Data projects spur progress
Many health systems have a hard time capturing and using data from patients that can make a real impact on their businesses. Here are some innovative projects to have on your radar.
Will wearables and healthcare ever sync?
Though technology companies are continuing to innovate in the wearable field, healthcare organizations are slow to adapt.
Seven wearable devices health execs should watch
Some of the newest wearable devices on the market look very different than the wristbands that launched the industry just a few years ago.
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?
Concerns among stakeholders may call for EHR system revamping
Four cybersecurity mistakes health plans make
To help ensure you are doing all you can to prevent a security breach, we asked the experts to weigh in. Here they identify four of the biggest mistakes health plans are making.
Creativity key to more robust social media
Creativity key to more robust social media
Make your messaging stand out