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Scott Baltic
Four ways to reduce hospital readmissions
Better management on several fronts should be able to reduce a hospital’s readmissions, but it requires commitment and attention to detail.
Preventive services: An underutilized resource
Preventive services: An underutilized resource
These services can detect diseases earlier and prevent them altogether, but rates are lagging behind where they should be.
Ten states participating in Medicaid incentive programs
The Medicaid Incentives for Prevention of Chronic Diseases initiative, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, is the biggest thing going in Medicaid wellness programs right now.
Medicaid incentives: worth the effort?
More Medicaid incentive programs are cropping up across the country. Here's a look at the programs, and some of the early results.
Measles re-emerges
Health plans and providers play a critical role in maintaining U.S. vaccination rates and can help reverse the recent MMR vaccination-rate decline, a factor responsible for the recent re-emergence of measles.
The future of malpractice reform
Is tort reform capable of achieving gains for physicians when it comes to medical liability? The jury is out.
Autism: Taming a nightmare
Autism: Taming a nightmare
In many ways, autism is a nightmare condition for health plans. Its prevalence appears to be skyrocketing, it typically requires long-term treatment, diagnoses are being made at younger and younger ages, there is a plethora of therapies - some very expensive - and there's no cure.
Denial-of-benefits appeals need consistency
ACA base standard "relatively tight"
ICD-10: What now?
Where on-again, off-again has landed us
Prognosis on end-of-life care
Behind the political issues and the deep emotions is the reality that the United States must overhaul end-of-life care