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Tricia Krizner
Genetic testing may benefit this population
New research shows that these certain patients with breast cancer can benefit from genetic testing for all breast cancer genes.
How does breastfeeding influence breast cancer risk?
There are several possible reasons that breastfeeding may influence breast cancer risk, according to the American Institute of Cancer Research. Find out what they are.
Number of women with metastatic breast cancer rising, as is survival rate
Study highlights the need for services and research for this understudied population.
Regular use of low-dose aspirin may lower breast cancer risk
The medication’s ability to reduce inflammation sited as one possible explanation.
Racial disparity in breast cancer mortality linked to genes
Understanding genetic variations and tumor differences in black women with breast cancer could lead to personalized diagnosis and treatment.
PARP inhibitor shows promise in ovarian cancer
Study shows Clovis Oncology’s rucaparib shows clinically meaningful impact in delaying disease recurrence in ovarian cancer.
Ovarian cancer: Possible advantage of high blood pressure
New research shows hypertension, diabetes influence survival of ovarian cancer patients in different ways.
Surprising link found in black women breast cancer risk
Alcohol consumption is known to be a risk factor for breast cancer based on studies predominantly done in white women. Now, a University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center study has found the same risk exists for black women.
Asian-American women need better targeted breast cancer therapy
A new study provides new insights into the epidemiology of breast cancer among the most prominent Asian-American ethnic groups in California.
Building the future: The art of strategic planning
How to create your own detailed plan and what every medical practice needs to know about ensuring its future.