Mari Edlin
Mari Edlin is a frequent contributor to Managed Healthcare Executive. She is based in Sonoma, California.
Best candidates for PCSK9 inhibitors
Best candidates for PCSK9 inhibitors
PBMs, insurers use cautious approach when managing these cholesterol-lowering drugs.
Specialty pharmacies: The payer’s dilemma
Specialty pharmacies: The payer’s dilemma
Payers weigh the benefits of using their own resources to develop a specialty pharmacy or contracting outside for services.
The top pharmacy challenges in 2016
What are the top pharmacy challenges expected by healthcare executives in 2016 and what are they doing about it? Find out.

Will biosimilars change the cancer care landscape?
While many believe biosimilars have great potential, challenges remain.
Performance-based pricing for pharmaceuticals
Performance-based pricing for pharmaceuticals
Purchasers, manufacturers explore new pricing models
Pharmacists as providers: The expanding, changing role
Although many states and the federal government are taking a close look at granting provider status for pharmacists, the two entities have slightly different priorities.

The new patient-centered pharmacy
Patient-centered pharmacies, which put consumers and their relationship with pharmacists and caregivers at the center of the business model, is producing improved outcomes.
New weapons combat opioid addiction
The number of deaths from prescription pain relievers dropped 5% in 2012, and new tools are helping in the fight against opioid abuse.
Closed formularies hold the line on costs
Health plans struggling to rein in pharmacy costs are using mail service, disease management programs, financial incentives for generics, member cost sharing, and, increasingly, limited and closed formularies.
The rising cost of generic drugs
Drug shortages and manufacturer consolidation are leaving their imprint on the price of some generic drugs.