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Rachael Zimlich, RN
Rachael Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
Paramedics fight to combat ED visits, readmissions
Paramedics can do much more than transport patients to the ED or inpatient care. Payers and providers are increasingly using EMS services to reach out to patients in their homes to improve outcomes and reduce costs.
Healthcare executive compensation changes to watch
Healthcare executive compensation changes to watch
Managed care organizations may be the next target of value-based reimbursements, with bonus payments tied to the health of their company—and its members.
Testosterone therapy in women: Is there a benefit?
Testosterone replacement therapy may not have the benefit many physicians think it does—particularly for women grappling with sexual dysfunction.
Diabetes: Are we underestimating its prevalence?
A new report shatters earliest estimates that just 0.25% of teens have diabetes, placing that figure closer to 1% plus an estimated 17.7% with prediabetes.
Do early motor milestones predict later cognitive skills?
Although new research hints that early motor delays could be a telltale sign that early cognitive intervention is needed, the authors of a new study stop short of making a clinical recommendation.
What health execs should know about Medicare Star Ratings
What health execs should know about Medicare Star Ratings
The Medicare Star Ratings program is one way regulators are trying to improve outcomes while reducing costs, but what is really at stake for health plans, and do consumers even care?
How mom's flu shot protects baby
Flu shots given to mothers during pregnancy provided protection for their babies against three common strains of influenza for several weeks after birth, according to a new report.
Why you should screen for suicide risk often
Suicide has jumped form the third to the second leading cause of death for teens, and the AAP says pediatricians are uniquely positioned to spot risk factors that could lead to suicidal ideation or behaviors.
Why parents spank their children
A new poll found that about a quarter of parents spank, but most believe it’s not a very effective punishment. Instead, parents would like experts, like pediatricians, to give them clear guidance, individualized for their child, on discipline methods that work.
Who faces poor urologic surgery outcomes?
A new report reveals that black children, and children undergoing more invasive bladder and urinary diversions, undergo more complications after surgery than their peers.