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Jamie J. Gooch
Jamie J. Gooch is an Ohio-based freelance writer. His areas of expertise include several professional industries as well as marketing and e-media.
Coordinating bundled payments: The first step toward coordinated care
In the shift away from fee-for-service to coordinated care models, healthcare organizations are reaping benefits by bundling payments for particular episodes of care. While still in the early stages, bundled payments promise to save costs and improve quality, and have already improved communication and collaboration among major players along the continuum of care
Blue Button gives consumers access to health info
More than 150 million now using the services
Plans on the road toward a national information exchange
Rather than a big medical record in the sky a community is sharing information via a non-profit, public-private collaborative
Users struggle to move data
Interoperability remains a serious challenge
GSK, Community Care of North Carolina team to improve medication adherence
GlaxoSmithKline and Community Care North Carolina team up to put medication data to good use “What we found with small data is there are still a lot of barriers to being able to apply data,” says John Easter, senior director in the public policy department at GSK. “Providers may not have right data set or may be using legacy systems that can’t integrate with each other. What this group was able to do is create these models in a lightweight way so they only needed a small amount of data to predict the correct outcomes.”
Payers must lead data integration efforts
As new payment arrangements take shape, be prepared to integrate data from providers
Health information exchanges get down to business
New care models and federal requirements motivate HIE stakeholders
US healthcare costs accelerate
Since posting its lowest annual growth rate in more than six years, the average cost of healthcare services accelerated in May and June.
Stealing other countries' prescription drug cost-saving ideas
The U.S. can learn from ways other countries slow prescription drug spending growth, according to a new policy analysis from the National Institute for Health Care Reform (NIHCR)
Survey: Hospitals skeptical of health reform, ACOs
Survey taker says payers are the only winners in healthcare reform; calls ACO member rules silly.