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Tracey Walker
Two Things to Know About the Patient as the New Healthcare Payer
Eye-opening analysis from TransUnion Healthcare reveals patients continue to see rising costs.
Global Genetic-Based Database Ramps Up
The new global DNA registry could help enable more precise treatments and identify who’s at risk for certain health problems.
Why Efforts to Curb Opioid Use Haven’t Translated to the Pediatric Population
A new study shows efforts to reduce prescription opioid use in adults has not curtailed the incidence of pediatric opioid ingestions. Find out why.
Top Obstacles to Value-Based Payment
A Healthcare Financial Management Association study sponsored by Humana finds continued progress for value-based care and interoperability, yet key barriers remain.
Migraine Pipeline and Impact Updates: What Health Execs Should Know
A new report highlights physical, social, and economic challenges of migraine.
Will UnitedHealthcare’s Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Rebates Curb Rising Costs?
UnitedHealthcare will pass on pharmacy discounts directly to some consumers, signaling the next wave of disruption in healthcare, say industry watchers.
Nine Healthcare Apps Healthcare Executives Wish They Had
If there was one app that you could create, what would it be? We asked top healthcare executives. Here’s what they said.
Top Non-Healthcare-Related Factors Influencing Patients' Overall Health
A new report from Sage Growth Partners explores how the healthcare a person receives has a very small bearing on their overall health. Here are the other determining factors.
Cigna-Express Scripts Deal: 5 Takeaways for Health Execs
The Cigna-Express Scripts deal may signal a move to more vertical and horizontal healthcare deals. Here’s what else it means.
Five Things to Know About the Uber and Lyft Provider Partnerships
Rideshare giants Uber and Lyft partner with providers to help get patients to their medical appointments, as well as improve the overall patient experience. Here’s five takeaways from industry watchers.